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OK, blowing off some steam here...

I haven't been able to ride due to super high temperatures... heat index nearing 115. So, I've been spending a lot of time detailing, which is still pretty painful even in a semi-airconditioned garage.

Anyhow... bike now has 400 miles on it. I've had problems with the left side cover since day one, the first time I took it off I noticed a nice 1/2" chip right on the front, possibly from a rock but not sure. I didn't care too much about this, mostly because it's not visible when it's on. However, today when I put the sidecover back on, the paint right on top of the middle of the three screws chipped off. Now, I realize these screws aren't to go in very tight, and I'm very careful not to tighten them too tight. I barely put any pressure on it and the paint chipped right off!

Hoping my dealer will help me with some sort of warranty, this just doesn't seem right. The right side cover is perfectly fine...

If have to eat the cost of this, how much are these side covers? Anyone know or have similar experiences?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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