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Left Control Screws - Tightening

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So, I had two vehicles at the Harley dealer (where I just bought my bike 2 weeks ago) and asked them if they could stash my motorcycle inside overnight until I could get a ride back to pick it up. They were more than happy to do so. However, when I picked it up and rode away, I noticed that the mirror was wiggling a bit. Further down the road, I realized that the entire left control assembly was lose. I know it wasn't loose when I dropped it off the day before but whatever, that's another story for conspiracy theorists.

Anyway, I was able to finger tighten the screws enough to get it home. I saw another post on this forum about someone who had the same problem and it continued until he torqued it with loctite. Should I go ahead and loctite and torque it now? If so, does anyone know the torque specs for those two screws? I'm probably overthinking this and should just tighten them without worrying...but i just thought i'd ask.

Also, on another subject, the turn signal relocation kit is something that I can do on my own, correct? I just purchased a touring windshield with the kit and it should be here in a few days. Thanks guys.
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VrodG said:
Which dealer is doing your work ?
Cox Harley Davidson in Rock Hill.

Thanks for the reply guys, i'm going to go ahead and put some loctite on it.
Carolina HD...is that the one on Independence? I was there a couple of days ago looking for a windshield.

My dad and I used to get our work done at Tilley's (and we've purchased our last few bikes from there). However, they seemed to have gotten too big to have the service that they used to. Now, my dad goes to Winston Salem for his work (apparently there is a mechanic there that will do work on the side as well). Something just seems "off" about Cox HD. The sales guys are outstanding and treated me great...but the service dept is...meh.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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