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Hi Guys,

I have a brand new Screamin' Eagle full leather ‘Raceway’ jacket that I obviously haven't and won't get around to using as I have a Victory these days..

I can’t remember whether I paid £645 or £465 for it when I bought it new.. eek!!

This is a Black & Orange LEATHER ‘Raceway’ - ‘Screamin’ Eagle’ jacket that was produced to celebrate the race successes of the Harley-Davidson motor company and dates from 2006.

This GORGEOUS leather jacket comes with integrated armour at the shoulders/upper arms and elbows/forearms.

As you can see, it has the large ‘Screamin’ Eagle’ logo on the front, all in leather, and another in script form, embroidered on the right forearm.

It also has ‘Harley Davidson’ leather lettering on the back and both shoulders have ‘Harley Davidson’ logos and script on them. The sides have ‘Harley Davidson’ with orange flames (all leather) and a bright white piping along the length of both sleeves.

The inside is perforated lined with two zipped pockets and another two large internal ‘sealed zipper’ vents. There are additional zippered vents on the front and rear and also on the underarms, hidden under the piping.

All zips are genuine ‘ergonomic’ Harley Davidson ones, marked ‘Harley Davidson Racing’, the shoulders have stretch panels in them and the front of the jacket has two zipped front pockets and cuffs.

The collar has a heavy duty popper fastener. The lower back also features a large elasticated leather stretch panel. The main front zip is a ‘double’ one, so can be zipped/unzipped from the bottom or the top..

This has been stored, covered, in a cupboard (closet to our US friends) since new and is unworn and PERFECT!!

This is marked as a 'M' but fits me perfectly (and I have a 42" chest).

Words cannot describe just how lovely this jacket is 'in the flesh'..

This was pretty expensive and is probably the last new one available now.

I will ship to the US.

Please let me know if you have any queries and I'll get them answered asap..

If you don't get an answer back promptly, email me direct at:

[email protected]

and I will get back to you same day.




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