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Got back from Laughlin last night. The event was much better than last year and had a fantastic time. The only disappointing part of it was the # of V-rods that showed up for the Saturday run. Only Dan and myself. Didn’t see all that many v-rods in Laughlin but did see some ingenious mods. My favorite was a extra gas tank mounted on the luggage rack. It was rather ugly but with a little more work, I think there is potential. Hopefully Dan got a pic.

Dan, it was good meeting you and your bike looks and sounds fantastic. I think it was the best v-rod there. Good luck on the future mods.

My v-rod didn’t miss a beat the whole trip and quite proud of her. I had a 600 mile day and a 550 mile day. Sometimes it was difficult determining which cheek was least sore.
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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