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the other thread is probably getting looked over by now, so i am starting this one to display the items i have left.. they have been marked down.. buy this stuff so i can make some room!!

base plate $30 shipped
pad $20shipped SOLD
sissy bar $20 SOLD

chrome torque pm pulley.. never installed.. please pay attention here.. to run this pulley you will have to do one of two things.. have the bearing surface machined to match the width of the stock bearing (new one included) OR have a longer spacer made to fit in the cush drive. i damaged the original (pm/narrow) bearing when i removed it but will include it (for measurement) if you want to go the spacer route. you will need to purchase a bearing to replace the damaged one.. make sense? $130shipped

chrome swing arm.. (05-06 fitment) this swingarm has some light scratches on the sides.. i bought it and installed it and to be totally honest, you don't notice the scratches unless you look close.. i am just too anal to run it.. this is for the swing arm only! the foot peg mounts are NOT included... $130shipped


stock wheels..
i bought these a while back from another member.. not gonna use em and they are taking up space.. came off of a 03A.. there is a slight bend in the front wheel.. little pressure from a press will fix it easily.. dunlop tires, no idea on miles.. plenty of wear left..


1 set of anodized side covers! great condition. no visible marks.. $30 shipped..


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if that swingarm fit my 03 I'd be all over it...

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I am guessing from the description the Mini backrest is already sold?

I would be interested in the Mini BR and base plate together or just the baseplate if still available.
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