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Ok guys this is the list of those who have said they are coming to Calne next Saturday with those staying over marked with asterisk.

Sean *

Rory & Joy *

Cas *

Steve L *

Martin & Ann *


Chris MOW *

Christine *

Tim Cowell & partner *

Mr & Mrs Whoosh *

Silverado & partner


Groovy Dave is a poss if he can ride after his op

So far that makes about 12 bikes plus riders etc and I reckon 16 of us staying over in the evening.

Apparently the event is fully booked with clubs and trade stands etc so the organisers are asking to be in your allocated space no later than 9.30am or lose it! I am riding down with Chris and will probably pick up Whoosh on the way through. I am aiming to get set up circa 9.00am latest then have some brekkie.

The event opens at 10.00am and we will allow as much space as we can reasonably get for those riding in. I have attached a map of our location which is easy to find right in front of the town library by the traffic lights in the centre of Calne. Any probs call my mobile 07808 092169 for directions. If you haven't been to the meet before it does get really busy so early arrival is recommended.

Lord Landsdowne has invited all the bikers up to his house following the event and our slot for departure is booked for 3.45pm prompt! We will get role call over the tannoy so best posing as we ride out of town and up to Bowood House:) There is going to be a band, refreshments, a group photo and a fly past by the air ambulance so should be a nice way to end the meet.

At 6.00pm we will say our goodbyes and all those staying over will take the scenic route to the Four Pillars Hotel. This should take about 45mins and dinner is booked for 7.30pm - 8.00pm depending on the situation when we check in. Apparently they are very busy and I have asked them to seat us all together so they have said it would help them if we can sit down to eat soon as. Hope everyone is OK with this - on the positive side more time for beers on the deck post din dins:hidesbeh: Christine I have given the nod that we will have at least one veggie/vegan in the party so lets hope they get it right this year:chainsaw:

I know that some folks have commitments on Sunday so I have left this open to choice. Depending on directions people are heading we can leave the hotel to suit individual needs.

Map of our location in Calne attached. Any queries please call or PM me.

Fingers crossed for sunshine; looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Anyone reading this thread that has not yet decided whether or not to attend just come along and enjoy the day in good company.:stilpoke: The Calne meet does alot for charity and is a chilled out event with some really interesting stuff to look at; quite where some of the bikes come from amazes me but expect to see everything from veteran classics to full blown customs :dance:

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Sorry Silverado I missed the asterisk I assume you are staying over and have included you.

If I have missed anyone don't be offended just let me know so you are included.

I have been mega busy with work this year so apologies up front if I have been draggin my tail a little.

Once that first beer passes our lips it will all fall into place:)

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I can ride!

Hi Jon, if the weather is set fair I may come. Riding is OK, still get a few twinges but it's coming on good. Sandra will be with me but we can't stay over as it's my mum's 95th birthday the next day and I will be paying her a visit in Clacton, where she now lives.

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After months of deliberation I have decided not to come down to Calne this year. :hidesbeh:

Rory and Joy will still be there, and staying over.

There are a number of events up my neck of the woods which I would be silly to miss.
They include the RBLR National Rally, which this year is in Bordon just up the road from me.
I also have a chance to go to the Farnborough Airshow, with RAF hospitality, though I will have to help out on the RBLR stand.

There will always be next year for Calne.

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Ok this will probably be my last post on Calne. The hotel has confirmed the following as rooms & booked for dinner;

Tim Cowell + 1

M Fennell + 1

Steve L

Chris Lovatt

Sean McCaffery - Now pulled out so make sure you cancel your reservation Sean you tart:)

Rory McCaffery (the more reliable brother) + 1

Slim Hicham (what a great handle) + 1


If your name is not here and you think you have booked or still want to join us please call the Hotel immediately; any probs call me and I will see if I can sort for you.

Mr & Mrs Whoosh can't make it this year, Trotsky is without a bike and I think Christine may be on holiday. Texted Andre but no reply so maybe on hols too.

If anyone is staying at the hotel on Friday evening Chris & I can pick you up on the way through if you want to join us setting up.

If anyone knows someone with a Rod that is planning to drop in for the day let them know that we will try and get them parked with us.

That's it I am off to check the weather forecast and pray for the threatened mini heatwave.

See you in Calne and ride safe

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