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Hey y’all. First post here and I wish it could be better. I purchased an 09 V Rod with 6100ish miles on it from a dealer here in East Tennessee. I rode it for a week putting about another 400 on it. My last ride, 7 days after purchase, I rode to the gas station and filled up with ethanol free 93 from about 1/4 tank. I rode for probably about another 20 miles give or take and find myself on the interstate with a bike that has begun making what sounds like rod knock, a high pitched metal-on-metal sound, and is now struggling to stay running and giving me an oil pressure light. I pull off onto the shoulder and the bike dies as I am letting off the clutch in 1st gear (that was fun).

After a few hours of being stranded I was picked up by a buddy with a trailer and we dropped it off at the dealership I bought it from. The bike has been there a week today and has not been looked at.

Has anyone here experienced an issue like this? If so what was the cause of the failure? Am I looking at a new engine? Top end rebuild? Where can I source parts?

Also, since I did not purchase the extended warranty but it happened in such a short time from the date of purchase what would you expect the dealer to do in this situation as far as billing?
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