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Kit for ape hanger

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Hi, ordered 12" ape hanger for my 2011 nightrod special, but strugling to find suppliers who delivers kit for clutch, brake, throtle etc. Any suggestions ?
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I just did 16" apes last year, I used Barnett for throttle/return lines and watched a YouTube video to get a rough length for the cables (I believe 43" for me). Great customer service with helping decide the right length and explanation

For the clutch cable I used Magnum shielding, again measured same method as the throttle cables, if I recall it was off a CVO for the 72" but there were many options for shorter bars

For the brake line I split the hard line and kept the bottom half factory hard line and the top was 8 or 9" from JP cycle and a banjo fitting to the master cylinder and AN3 to a AN3-3/18" splice into the hardline

I did all the electrical wiring myself to keep that cost lower (added 12" of wire)

Hope this helps

Note: The lines were rerouted after this picture to behind the headlight so they don't dangle like that
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