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Friday was the last day of production at Harley-Davidson's factory in Kansas City.

A lot has been written about this. Some of it focused on why the plant was closed (political angle / tariffs, or business angle / financial), others focused on the loss of 800 jobs in Kansas City, and others focused on reports of racism and harassment at the plant (we're talking swastikas and nooses). Obviously there is also a lot of heat aimed at Harley for closing a domestic plant while opening international ones.

I read about a dozen articles on this plant closing and tried to come up with one succinct article of my own that covers all of that... with a V-Rod owner angle of course, because V-Rods were made in Kansas City.

Granted, I'm still on the new side to the Harley family, so I'd appreciate you guys' input on where I nailed it, and where I smashed my own thumb.

My story is here: https://www.youmotorcycle.com/harley-davidson-closes-kansas-plant-what-happened.html

My video is here:

I'm open to any/all feedback and discussion on this :)

Thanks everyone.
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