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Haven't you seen me calling Ernie out and the pathetic replies? Send them back! NOW!

The only person I know who likes theirs, is sponsored by BPP!
Getting CRAP for free, can pollute one's mind.

Can you say SNAKE OIL?!?


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IMHO the radiator "grill" sets are fixing a problem that doesn't really exist.

To start with, unless you take your V-Rod on a lot of dirt or gravel roads, it doesn't really pick up that much stuff inside that radiator shell. Secondly, even if you DO happen to get the odd pebble in there, its not as if its impossible to get out with a shop-vac and a crevice tool. And thirdly, I'd be more concerned about restricting air flow to the radiator with some half-baked (and probably untested) gimcrack. And "chickenwire" like these guys are selling isn't going to do anything about tiny pebbles anyway.

As someone said: $80 will fill up your V-Rod with Super Unleaded about 15 times. You can enjoy a heck of a lot of fun miles with 15 tankfuls of gas.

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Thanks John,
I've always admired you on this forum and now as a person because I
know you (What I admire is you say whats on your mind and you're not a bullsh!t-er)

Let's go for a ride soon,


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RE: "IMHO the radiator "grill" sets are fixing a problem that doesn't really exist."

You're right. I do believe that the grill restricts the airflow quite a bit.
And you're right about no longer being able to vacuum out the scoops, but the real reason that I put them on was to:

1. Have an excuse to do a little project with my bike.
2. Because I think it looks cool. (even the engine might see it as 'hot')

The gravel thing is really barely a reason- it was just the instigation of the thread. I do live on a dirt road tho'.
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