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Just back from the dyno

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I have the race tuner with the SE map loaded. I have V-mods (stock) and the SE filter. I made 112.6 peak hp and 76.7 tq My AFR was about 14.5 but table-flat accross the board.

The tech suggested adding 10-12% over the entire VE table and that should get me right where I want to be with the mixture. If I can find someone with a scanner, I'll try to load the dyno graph.
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:thumb: Looking forward to seeing the dyno sheet.Remember to post it in the dyno sheet thread. :D
Which SE map did you use. I have the exact same setup as you (V-mod, Filter) but am running mjw's newest map. The problem I have is the plugs still look a littl lean and this is with the stock filter. This map is richer than the SE map so I am afraid to try the others at this point.

Also, where did you dyno?

I used the calibration file #15, can't remember the actual file number but it was for the SE slip-ons and filter.

I dynoed at Sauk Prairie HD/Buell in Sauk Prairie, Wisconsin

I just went into both VE tables and just added 10 units over the entire field on this calibration file but haven't had a chance to really drive it yet. Hopefully it warms up enough tomorrow to get some miles on it.
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