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No, not my R.
It is not often that you see this combination with an original R and MCX turbo, otherwise a setup that gives about 200hp on the rear wheel.
Some pictures:









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Very Interesting and very cool love the exhaust bellows, intercooler and exhaust muffler, don't like all the plumbing, elbows, etc. but hey it's Function over Form and that works ! Revo turbo packaging is just a nightmare. Fredy's Sprintex setup is super sano although not at a 200 Hp power level - but I would almost take maybe more reliable and clean looking at a reduced power level vs up to 200 Hp, questionable reliability without building robustness into the engine and dirty ass fuggly looking - but that's just me. Thanks for sharing Knut J definitely interesting !! (y)馃槑

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How about a peek at the Fredy Sprintex system looks super sano nice 40% power boost on a stock engine amazing packaging fits under stock airbox cover bikes still beautiful - vs. a Turbo hanging off the right side of the bike, bunch of ugly plumbing and at the 200 Hp level should have $ 8000 worth of internal engine improvements to optimize it for performance and reliability - about the same cost as the Fredy Sprintex system - Don't know what to tell ya - looks great !

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Sign me up ! Super Sanitary Stealthy Installation - even more so than the discontinued Holy Moto's Sprintex System -
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