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It just hit me...

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Why I like the DX so much. *tentatively puts on flame suit* It bears a striking resemblance to a bike I'm completely in love with but could never afford the maintenance on...

...Confederate Hellcat. Especially from the low rear 3/4 view. It's kind of more an "in the same spirit" thing than them actually looking like eachother, but still. Y'all have some gorgeous bikes.
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Yeah I was looking at used ones, actually, when I still wasn't all that serious about getting a bike--you can find a low mileage 5-6 year old one for <$20K. Then I started reading reviews about them and realized it'd be like buying a used Ferrari: If you can't afford the pricetag when it's new, you can't afford to maintain it.

Splatz, I think I might be on nasioc and I-club still, haven't gone there forever though. My name there is (was) Bug-Eyed Freak. How do you like your 05?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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