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ISO stock VRSCDX (2012 up) shift lever and peg. Harley part #34551-09

So I was practicing slow speed maneuvers in a parking lot. U-turns, figure 8s, etc, trying to adjust to my new NRS. Plus I just haven't practiced them in YEARS, and realized I want to feel more comfortable doing them.

Was actually doing very well, started making some really nice, tight, smooth U-turns, until...I don't even know what happened, but I dropped the bike on the left side. No major damage, thank God, but I was only moving a few miles an hour when it happened.

Tweaked my knee, little cut on my leg, and a big old bruise on my ego.

The worst thing is my shift lever and peg are bent. It didn't bend the down tube or the long shift rod, just the actual slotted lever and the peg. See pics

Before I pay $135-$170 for it at the stealership, I figured someone here might have one, considering all the custom builds.


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