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Hey Guys,

New to the forum. I think this is a really good deal but figured you guys have the experience. A 2002 VROD, 1,100 miles, SE 16ga pipes (plus the originals), hi flow air filter and remapped ECU, chromed forks, pillion, luggage rack, Harley Custom paint job (doesnt have original tins) one of the 1 out of 200 jobbers green with blue flames, 7 year warranty, 5+ years left, Stinger Trailer ($1,400 brand new), alarm, fairing, full set of leathers and 4 helmets I guess the jacket and chaps are $850 new (top of the line Harley and luckily we're the same size) and some other small assorted chrome pieces (Belt covers, new mirrors) for $18.5k delivered (Im in Boston he's in CA)

Thanks for all thoughts,
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