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In my search to figure out how to configure my AFR values on the PCV with Autotune I came across this article


Very interesting and i am sure transferable to our bikes.

All the best,
it is very interesting ,, i don`t totally agree with his target a/f for the different throttle positions.. 14.5 at low load conditions won`t hurt the motor but it will run cooler and respond better and even get better gas mileage around 14.1. i would also not make as big of a jump in a/f from one block to the next.. at full throttle i would go slightly richer maybe 12.9a/f.. his idea of not using closed loop at closed throttle is a very good idea .. i have on a few bikes i tuned had to do something similar to get the low throttle and idle like i wanted..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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