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This summer I may be tempted to make afew passes at the local strip and they require a tethered kill switch. I have been told to just drill a small hole in the run side of the kill switch on the bars and install a small screw with a tether. This is not exactly how I would like to do it as it is cheap in more ways than one.

What I want is something that looks good and can be removed at any time to back to stock conditions.

What can be done? King of the strip, KAZ may know.

BobT: I will be at WIR in Kaukauna last year they had a great turnout, stock, choppers, ricers, and Doc's HD had their Top Fueler there. You should take a spin out.


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Never been to KK.
Been invited up there a couple times ,but My OFF days are Sun,Mon.
So it is hard to go Sat afternoons.
Any Sunday gatherings ? If so keep me posted.

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Sam can hook you up with everything you need!;) 1-602-242-6099 I don't have any pics of my setup. It's very clean and can be removed easily!:cool:
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