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Installing the JE300C requires removal of the saddle bag support portion of the steel inner rear fender. This portion of the installation is detailed here:

-Pull the Maxi Fuse
-Remove the seats, stock fender and dog's ass to expose the inner rear fender as shown.
-Scribe or mark the black paint on the rear inner fender to mark the cut line for removing the saddle bag supports. Trace around the rear upper frame horn by the upper shock mounts and the passenger pegs mounts.
-Remove the ECU and electronics wiring from the inner fender and position it over the gas tank.
-Remove the inner fender bolts and upper shock bolts as shown.
-Remove the inner fender from the frame by sliding it rearwards.
-Cut the saddle bag support portion of the inner fender away as shown.
-Grind the cuts smooth and paint the raw steel from the cuts to protect the metal.
-Reinstall the inner fender as shown.
-Mount the JE300C to the inner fender using the stock hardware. Use blue loctite and don't over tighten to prevent fractures in the fiberglass fender.
-Put the electronics back onto the inner fender.
-Reinstall the seats and the Maxi Fuse.


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