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I just went for it, now my life is nearly perfect.
I just got done test riding the R and all is good.
Not a single complaint. The tube is 1.367" above the
front edge of the upper clamp. There is 3.375" between the fender
and lower clamp. It handles perfectly at all speeds,
including triple digit speeds in high winds (on a test track of course).
It corners on a dime and best of all I feel larger and in charger.

I checked front fork travel with some serious front brake grab and no where
near bottom. The bike is now sitting what I would call level front to back.
Actually the frame is 1/8" lower at radiator than at the gas tank.

I wanted to do this for a while and being 5'11" tall, feel the seat height
was just to high. Now I can stand up and air out my crotch if needed
(or take a leak) with out getting off the bike.

Now if your a big fat slob I wouldn't recommend doing this.:moon::D kidding
No seriously, if you weigh more than 175 lbs you'd be risking fender slamage.
I ride solo and don't have saddle bags and try to keep the front wheel on the road.

There was one small glitch when I got the caps off per the book, the tube
tops had scratches from the 1/8" Allen wrench. So I would suggest some
other tool to release the cap retainers maybe something fashioned out of
wood or plastic. I used a wood shim to release the upper
clamp as needed. I also threw a roll of shop rags between the fender
and lower clamp while doing this to prevent major malfunction.
To get the forks to slip I just grabbed the front brake and rocked the bike forward a little at a time.

I highly recommend folks follow the book to the T when it comes
to cleaning the bolts and chasing the internal threads, etc.

Thanks to all the others who posted threads about fork moving.

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Just the front, actually the rear spring tension is set to the lightest setting.
Not sure if the spring tension affects bike hight.
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