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Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone can help me out with some advice.

I have an '04 VRSCB which has developed an intermittent problem, where the bike will cut out as soon as the throttle is shut down. It will start again with no problem, do the same thing again a couple of times and then be fine for the rest of the ride.

I checked the codes and it came back with a P0505, I cleared it and it has not come back, suggesting it was historic, but the issue remains.

My friend Google suggests that the code relates to the idle air control; looking through some posts it looks like the IAC valve is a bit of a pig to replace.

Does anyone know if it's possible to
a) clean the existing valve in-situ rather than risk shearing the bolts trying to remove it
b) whether there is anything else that could be causing the problem and how I could check this?

I am rather un-mechanically minded, but could follow one-syllable instructions before giving it to a mechanic! :)
As long as you heat the screws prior to removal to free up the thread locker it's not hard to change. Do one screw at a time. Plug and play otherwise. I would remove all that nasty thread locker patch on the new screws and use blue removable loctite on the re-install.
Cleaning it likely won't solve the issue. Dirt is constant, your's is intermittent, so it's mechanical in nature. Dirt doesn't rearrange itself to change the idle from one minute to next.
Now, if this is happening during a ride and coming to a stop, at which point it quits or slowly drops rpms to the point of quitting but when you turn the key off then back on, it idles normally, the culprit could be the VSS. It's the cheaper of the two, but I'd do the IAC first as it's the most likely cause.
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