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ElrodontheV-Rod said:
I heard tail that a few dyno engines that were pretty well beat had been installed on a few Rods by mistake and some owners had failures.Heard that Harley found all the engines and immiediatly installed virgin engines.Some of the parts people I know say that the Samson pipe when first introed for the V-Rod caused a lean piston burn problem and harley would not honor the repair under warrany provisions.Maybe not so much the pipes,as for possible lack of mapp settings on the bike back in 02.

Elrod on the V-Rod
I don't buy that story on the dyno engines. Harley's manufacturing is far too sophisticated to allow that to happen. Regardless of the perceived quality of their products HD's manufacturing processes are best in class benchmarks in the manufacturing world.

As for the Sampson pipe story, that's believable.

Personally, I think the whole premise that V-Rod engines are prone to failure is :bs:. If that was published it wasn't from a reputable journalist and I'm 99.99% positive that there was no scientific study done to back up the statements. It's probably the result of someone bolting on some aftermarket pipes, not taking the time to dial in the fuel injection and blowing a motor drag racing it. It sounds more like national inquirer quality journalism that anything else.

I personally would like to see any other engine in the Harley lineup or any of the Japanese v-twin offerings do the 500 hour autobahn loop on the Porsche dyno.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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