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My riding friends are ecstatic since I'll finally shut-up about buying a V-Rod.

Not gonna lie, the "Porsche Connection" on whatever level you want to go with, is what got me initially interested in the V-Rod way back when news first spread of the project. I even met Willie G back in 2000 and talked to him about the new bike.

I love all HD's (Well...I pretty much love all bikes & cars. I think I have Jay Leno disease). This is my first HD.

Very excited to start this new chapter of my motoring history, so is my wife. She actually pushed me over the edge on deciding which version of V-Rod to buy. We stopped at Chicago HD a few weeks ago, they had an 03 out front and she loved the bare aluminum look compared to all the painted ones she's seen before. At that moment I decided that was the look I wanted, just like the one in the Porsche museum, except that one doesn't have the 100th badge.

14,xxx miles
Two owner, first one a well known local motorcycle mechanic
The only issues are the front brake has a lot of movement before engaging, the inside two brake pads are almost to the metal, so ordering pads ASAP.
Tires are also 2007/2008 so fresh rubber is on the agenda.

Power commander installed, tuned by the first owner with a K&N filter. Otherwise stock except for some chrome bits added by the 2nd owner and Vance & Hines pipes.

I tried to post photos, not sure how many posts I need before I can do that?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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