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Hi Team,

took it apart - but lost the photos and notes I took - there are two different size spokes - long and short neck

Anyone got some info which goes where and how to do this?

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Got the spokes from

Andrei Rybkin
HD Wheels Corporation
21352 Nordhoff St, Suite 114
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: (818) 887-9065
Fax: (818) 887-9076
E-mail: [email protected]

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I've done a number of rim replacements and re-spoking wheels on off road M/C racing wheels - as long as the hub, rim and spokes are the correct p/n for the wheel assy. - even without instructions or a video - there's only one way to really assemble all the parts where they all play well with each other considering the hub & rim spoke hole angles, nipple depth and spoke length. Once you start trying to assemble it it becomes blatantly obvious, it scared me at first then you're an expert. The key is in centering & truing it - don't overtighten any spokes but methodically bring up tension with the proper single size spoke wrench or even an ignition wrench until they all get close to all snugged up, and the rim is centered, wheel runs true side to side & up & down. Don't use a multiple size spoke wrench - it goes past the spoke and you'll scratch the rim all over the place, not pretty. Final torque carefully and re-torque a few times after break in miles to keep it tight & true & you'll be fine - (y):cool:
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