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Inexpensive sidemount plate bracket, with brake light (about $100.00 plus your choice of Cateye light):

Sidemount plate
Chrome Horse #11-120

Billet LED Cateye with License Plate Illumination
Dual intensity (run/brake) or with turns (run/brake/turn) - you choose
(note: Standard Cateye brake lights start at around $30.00 and go up)

Pro-One License Plate Frames
Part No. 61-1058

Braiding and shrink tube

1) Using a rotozip, dremmel tool, bandsaw, etc. trim the mounting plate on the back side of the bracket so it fits in the lower shock bolt hole (basically cutting away the stop portion of the mounting side, and just leaving the mounting hole - or else it will not fit flush with the shock). I also cut the hole on one side, so I could slide it onto the bolt for easy removal. I choose to locate the bracket between the shock and the belt guard. You can also locate it on the outside of the shock.
2) Cut a small diameter "U" hole on the lower side of the plate where the wires are going to enter. This will be covered by the tag and frame on top. You'll need a little extra room so the wires don't get squeezed too bad.
3) Drill a hole in the bracket behind the license plate to route the brake light wires back into the bracket.
4) The sidemount bracket is stainless and should be chromed, after cutting and filing - add $35.00
5) You may need to trim the license tag itself on the edges to fit better in the frame.
6) Make a wiring harness and hide it in the swingarm:
see: http://www.v-rodforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2984
7) Put the sidemount bracket on with a lock washer.
8) Connect the wires from the bike, and the wires from the brake light behind the license tag.

You can cover all exposed wires with split tubing, black loom, or braided metal sleeving covered with clear shrink tube. Any type of loom or sleeving must go on before you put the wires together.


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