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How many frames are there?

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I might be able to find some spare parts from a VRSCDX but no frame. I need to look for one and need to know how many frames are there and which ones will be compatible. Does the Night Rod share the frame with Vrod and Mucle Rod? If so, how about years? I think I've read there was a small evolution mid-life of the model.
Thanks everyone!
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There are 3 different frames for the VRSC family. First were the narrow frames for the 180 tire years ('02 to '06). The "R" models had their own frame. Those also had the 180 rear tire but were higher in the rear for the shocks. They were made for only 2 years. Then you have the wide frames for the 240 rear tire ('07 to '17). There have been some very minor changes in the frames year to year but those are the 3 major types.
So basically, I have to stick to those three groups. Check if the engine is 02-06, R or 07-17, and look for a frame from that period?
Motors are interchangeable. If your going with a DX, you should look for a wide tire frame ('07 & later).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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