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Hot Toppers

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Has anyone done the Hot Topper thing. Seems expensive but if it covers every little ugly bolt, it might be worth it.

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I have also looked at the chrome replacement bolts and they seem to be a good alternative. My only concern on those was that you are removing bolts that were installed at the factory and that you still have the issue of debris getting in all the crevisis where the allen tool goes in. Also, I don't want to start any oil leaks. Someone I work with told me that the hot toppers are friction fit and do not require any glue or silicone to adhere. I like the look of the chrome bolts but cleaning them has been a job.

fehrc, I have not seen the allen plugs are they on the HD website ?
Max, I was thinking about what you said. A automotive mechanic usually does not have to worry about damage when working on an engine under the hood of a modern auto. A motorcycle mechanic has to worry about everything he touches on a bike. One slip and oops, $100 worth of chrome ruined. On a car, the typical owner never even looks at his engine and ours is on display everywhere we go. I wonder what the HD dealer techs say when we bring one our chromed monsters in for service.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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