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Hi y'all !!!!!!!

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Purchased a v-rod back in Feb-04. Looking forward to many years of fun. I'm already modifying it. 250 conversion, HID lights, new mirrors, side mount lic plate, turn signals on hand grips etc. I would welcome any advice on dos and don'ts.
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:vrodforu: :cheers:
:welcome: 1st Then Where would you like me to start?When your Ready to go Really Fast on the Really Pretty Bike of Yourse let me know!It won't be CHEAP, :eek: but for some reason I think You Already Know"Nothing Worth While Is!" :kaz:
Welcome, glad to have ya! Please post some pictures when you are done with the mods.
:welcome: sounds like you've started the learning process :broke:
:vrodforu: :biker:
This Forum, just keeps you spending :vrodforu:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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