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Well, I thought I should just introduce myself - I have been lurking around for about a week now.

I am in Madison WI and picked up my Black 04 VRSCB about 2 months ago. So far it is great but now the weather has gone downhill and I fear I may not get to ride anymore until spring...
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Welcome brendon........it's good to have one of those "Diversity V-Rods" in the forum.
I LOVE those black Bs, brendon!!! Trying to talk a good friend into getting one so I CAN BORROW IT!!

Same here on the weather - it's torture.


Another Wisconsin-ite.
How much snow ?
I am up to 4 inches and climbing just from today !
Official snowfall, I couldn't say but I shoveled maybe 1.5 inches off the drive way.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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