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I had my first extended time riding in the rain last night with my VROD. Probably a frequent occurance for most of you, but I live in AZ where it doesn't happen too often.

When I got on her this morning, I noticed that the headlight was all fogged up on the inside. Is the lens supposed to be sealed, or is it normal for water to get inside?
Will moisture inside eventually deteriorate the mirror finish? I realize that water may get in around where the bulbs enter, or do they have a rubber gasket?

I had fun checking my traction by twisting the throttle and spinning my back wheel- while doing 50mph. If I only had a decent rain suit and something other than my work shoes on, it woulda' been more fun.

The cagers get scarier when it's raining.

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The headlamp is suppose to be sealed. Check the bulb seals, and if they are OK then takeit to the dealer to see about getting a new headlamp housing. Moisture in the headlamp will cause pre-mature failure of the bulbs.

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