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I took these off a 2003 that I recently bought.They don’t appear to have many miles on them, as they are in very good shape. These are quick-detachable, rigid and made of the typical luggage material you find on most luggage these days - a nylon fabric weave sort - not leather.
They have a small pocket in the front on each bag as well as a large, zippered pocket on each side. The tops are double-zippered and they work like new.
Inside there is a zippered pocket in each bag. All hardware is included and is in excellent condition.

The downside is minor: the previous owner drilled a small hole in the top of the bag bracket and frame on both sides. I presume this was so the bags couldn’t be easily stolen. In doing so, it looks like the fabric on the inside of one of the bags has a small scuff/fray that doesn’t go all the way thru. This blemish and the holes are only noticeable from the top, looking down as they are next to the fender. The fray could probably be fixed/minimized if this is an issue.

A new set of bags and mounting brackets from HD are $700. I’m asking for $375 shipped within the CONUS. I’m not interested at this time to break up the pieces. Thanks for looking!


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