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Anyone installed these themselves-is it something that can be done without much trouble as in removing rear fender etc....any help would be appreciated as I have a pair of the black vinyl covered on the way and wanted to know if I should just have the dealer install.

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You do need to remove your rear fender and dog's ass (at least this makes it much easier!) as well as the top shock bolt. The mounting brackets for the bags attach in two places - one is between the dog's ass and the fender, behind the relfector, and the other is behind the shock mount behind the fender.

The rear fender, dog's ass and shock bolt are easily removed as long as you have a lift. It does take time, but it's easy enough, and will save you having to pay someone else to do it.


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Easy to do

It's easy to do, but yes, you do need to remove the seat, pillion, strap, rear fender, dogs-ass, and put it all back. All to fit in a couple of threaded studs on which the saddlebag supports mount. Everything comes apart and fits back together easily. No yanking, pulling or annoying mismatches required. It was actually a fun installation to do since it went so smoothly- but, I've always loved taking things apart and putting them back together.

Consider it a bonding experience with your bikes rear-end.

I wouldn't want to do it sitting on the curb in snow- but if you have a garage and basic tools, it's no problem. The directions are very clear, step-by-step with pictures. You'll need a socket-allen wrench to losen (not remove) the rear shock top bolts- as I can't imagine doing it with a little 'L' wrench. But I have baby soft 'keyboard' hands. A socket set and some combo wrenches as well.

After years fiddling with leather bags, buckles and snaps- I love my new hard bags! :)

I'm new to this V-rod, but it seems to require a combination of metric and SAE fasteners, and I never seem to grab the right socket or wrench any more. Doah! (a small price to pay)

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"Consider it a bonding experience with your bikes rear-end."
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