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HD has made me a believer

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Hi guys/gals,

I'm a new member, and hopefully soon to be a new V-rod owner. I come from a family of Harley enthusiasts, my Pop currently has an Ultra and a Road King, bro has a Fat Boy and an anniversary V-rod, Mom rides a Blast. I was the black sheep - used to refuse to buy anything American. That all went out the window with the creation of the beloved V-rod. Once a skeptic, I'm now running for my check book. I've taken a few joy rides on my brothers' bike, and just returned from Kona, Hawaii where I spent 24hrs on a rental V-rod, the single best ride of my life. First thing I did when I got home is put my Ducati up for sale. Hope to find a clean, low mile V-rod to buy in the near future.
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Good luck finding it, Hot Rod, and welcome to the forums! Where are you located? Somebody was telling me at my local dealership the other day that the dealership in Somerset, PA is selling new 03's for 14,500. Sounded like a very good deal to me!

Pretty fun bike to ride, isn't it?

Welcome to the fold...
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