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HD has made me a believer

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Hi guys/gals,

I'm a new member, and hopefully soon to be a new V-rod owner. I come from a family of Harley enthusiasts, my Pop currently has an Ultra and a Road King, bro has a Fat Boy and an anniversary V-rod, Mom rides a Blast. I was the black sheep - used to refuse to buy anything American. That all went out the window with the creation of the beloved V-rod. Once a skeptic, I'm now running for my check book. I've taken a few joy rides on my brothers' bike, and just returned from Kona, Hawaii where I spent 24hrs on a rental V-rod, the single best ride of my life. First thing I did when I got home is put my Ducati up for sale. Hope to find a clean, low mile V-rod to buy in the near future.
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Kaz i am betting that the pink bike on the ceiling is yous.
Am i right?..lol
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