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I rang up the Harley dealer in Sydney the Importer of HD Just to check the availabilty of V rod spare parts, I asked about Radiator Hoses for v rod they said they will have to get them in from the USA they did have Oil filters and Coolant they said , At this point i was thinking * What parts do they keep for v rod * I would of thought they would at least had more parts (in stock) for the v rod. Seems i may as well deal with a HD Dealer in the USA . At the price we have to pay for Harleys here i would of thought they would of at least had some hoses for the v rod .
or isnt there a requirment for dealers to have a certain amount of spares
for a percentage of the Models they import?
Can you imagine waiting for 3 to 4 weeks for a radiator hose ?
VRSCA V-Rod $30,500 $31,100 (plus on road costs)
VRSCB V-Rod $28,995
Btw they have a great showroom :)
This dealer is the Importer for HD in Australia !!
ahhhhh i feel better now for venting!!!!!!

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Many of the aluminum parts for the V-Rod (and other bikes) are made in Australina. I think the swingarm is also. Australia has a thriving aluminum industry, since it has a) extensive bauxite deposites (aluminum ore) and b) relatively plentiful hydroelectric power. From a "global materials cost" basis it is uneconomic to ship aluminum ore or ingots to a third country, then refine or resmelt, and then cast them.

But don't think for a second you can just roll down to the aluminum smelter and pick yourself up a bunch of parts on the cheap. H-D's purchasing contract absolutely forbids this sort of activity. Those wheels, swingarms, etc. have made a roundtrip to Oz. for certain.
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