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Harley Davidson chrome switches

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I recently bought the HD chrome switch housings, and was planning on putting that and my new stealth grips on this weekend.

Another thing I was considering putting on while I was doing the work is the HD chrome switches. I think they're about $13, so compared to the price of the other stuff I've been putting on my bike I'm not worried about the expense. But I was wondering if anyone has those on their bikes, and how they like them. I'm a little worried that they will be more slippery than the stock black switches. I'm also vascilating on whether I like their styling better than the plain black or not.

But once I get the chrome housings on, I'm certainly not going to want to take it apart again if I decide I want the chrome switches later!

So I thought I would just ask for some other opinions on it before I'm locked into my decision. So any opinions on this product, or even tips or tricks about putting on the chrome switch housings would be greatly appreciated!

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Got the switches also, They look realy good, also havent noticed them being "Slippery"

BUT is you have big hands you might want to get the dealer to install them for you, they are hard to install with large hands. Be carefull of the little parts also :ride:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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