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Handlebar recommendation

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Hey guys, I asked previously if there was a place to get stock bars for my 05 VRSCB and have been checking eBay like crazy but no luck. My local dealer is asking 550 bucks for the stock bars and installation (no thanks). My question is, can anyone give a recommendation for as close to stock handlebars as one can find after market? I currently have ape hangers which came with the bike that Im not too fond of. Any ideas of good after market, close to stock bars? Thanks!!
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Go here, I have these, they are very close to the stock B bars in height, pull back and width. No cable or hose change is required And they're black which better goes with the paint scheme of the B

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you so much!
Hey guys, I'm a long time VRSCB 04' owner here. I am in need of replacement bars as close to OEM as I can possibly get. The link above points to 1" bars. I thought the VRSCB 04' had 1.5" bars but am not sure. Do the bars differ between 04 and 05 at all?

Found dimensions from this thread here. Looks like all signs say buy them so I'm gonna.
The riser and controls all are made for 1' bars
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