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Greetings from the land of straight roads!

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I just brought home an 05 Screamin Eagle in orange and black, 23k miles, threads showing on the rear, but everything else in showroom condition. I ordered some Bridgestone Excedra tires, am getting ready to flush brake and hydraulic lines, change oil and go though any other maintenance that is needed. Is there some other things to check I should be aware of? I'm pretty excited about the bike!
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Welcome and get on it and ride it. Spark plugs need changing after 20,000 miles and put in a shot of marvel mystery oil in gas tank every 3th or 4 th fuel up and keep my gas level indicator working with 56,000 miles on bike.
Land of straight roads ? Where the heck is that ? Check the air filter make sure no rat nests under the hood. Change the oil, as you said try Amsoil 20/50, inspect the belt with a flashlight just push it at night and check for cracks, splits etc. Great Bike, have fun, be Safe !
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