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I searched for this and didn't find a post?
Anyway it's so hard to find non-raper dealers and service centers for any Harley even harder for VROD's.

These are two places that I use both are OK on time, both will go out of their way to help you with anything you need to get you back on the road, neither FORCE you to wear masks. :) You can if you like but no forced crap.

I will also list some of the work and what they charged that I thought was pretty fair pricing compared to some estimates I get.

Quaid Harley Davidson in Loma Linda California.
Quaid Harley-Davidson® | Motorcycle Shop in Loma Linda, CA | New & Pre-Owned Harley Davidson® Dealer
All the people there are very helpful, I mean really HELPFUL. When I was headed out on one of my trips my front brake line started to leak VRSCD of course some odd all-in-one brake line. They sat there with me calling places all over the US to find a line, the girl at the front desk kept handing me numbers to more places I could call while they were calling other places. After about two hours of calling I found one in Florida, gave my phone to the service guy and they got it to the shop and got me back on the road in about three days. Then the 20,000 mile service with the whole cam shim thing.
20,000 Service, plus front tree, plus rebuild front shocks, plus new metzeler front tire.
The price quotes were insane from most places just for the cam service (drop the engine shim the cams) $1,800 to $2,550. :( Then the front end and tire on top that the lowest price I found next to Quaid was $3,135 plus any additional oils, bolts, caps, nuts needed.
Quaid did this:
20,000 service everything on the list including new shims (those took awhile to get!)
Front tree, rebuilt the front shocks. (WOW what a difference in the ride that made)
Oil change and filter.
New Metzeler front tire mounted. (Only about 12,000 miles on the old one but Quaid found a small, tiny nail just at the edge of the Ride On sealer so it had a steady slow leak)
Price total $2,085.00 over $1,000 less then every other place I called! Yeah it was costly but being in the middle of selling one place, trying to get to Tennessee I just couldn't try to do it myself. Next time I will do it in the huge shop I'm building at the new place.

Quaid also installed a slipper clutch that I found for $225 at Milwaukee HD. For about $200 labor :) hell all that work for $200. The dam tool I needed to hold the engine was $235 which I never found anyone having in STOCK!

Then my next favorite with really great people.
No Pork MotorSports - (951) 520-0224
2585 Hamner Ave Norco, CA 92860
They don't have a website lol only Yelp which LOL you can't trust, then a facecrap page I wouldn't use facebook at gun point!
These guys are the same they work on any bike. You can walk in and ask any questions about your bike and they will take the time to explain and the best options to you. Just real friendly nice people. They are a small shop so when I asked them about the whole 20,000 mile cam tune-up they said they would but could do it until December because the bike would be sitting in a rack until they got the shims. And if I wanted to wait until they were slow "December" they would do it.

When I got my Night Rod last Christmas "2020" (yep it was the BEST Christmas present EVER) I took it to them in January when we got home to give it an oil change and a tire to tire inspection. They pulled it out of the back of the pick-up, replaced the battery, spark plugs and oil change and said look at getting tires. They said you have lots of tread but they are REALLY OLD cracked inside the tread lines. So I shopped around came here read what tires everyone had and liked and ended up wanting Metzelers.
No Pork MotorSports did this the first time in:
( I needed it done quickly as California only gives you 30 days after purchase to get it inspected bought Dec 24, got home Jan 15.)
Pulled the bike out of the truck. (LOL I got it in there on a store loading ramp in Iowa)
Tire to Tire inspection.
New Battery.
Oil Change.
Mount & Balance 180 rear and 120 front tires. (changing the rear to a 200 this time around)
Total Price: $585.00 (I could barely buy the dam tires for that!)
They also changed my front and rear wheel bearings I brought them "All Balls" for $125 labor!

These of course are my personal feeling on Quaid Harley Davidson and No Pork MotorSports but if you have a VROD these guys can really help.

Black 2007 VRSCD
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Good review. Most times we read shit about dealers..garages..this time a positive version!
:) I didn't list the ones I don't like that I thought raped me on prices and service.
What's that rule "if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything" LOL OK so I have broken that rule a couple times.
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