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After a few hundred miles, I noticed the clutch was getting grabby and chattered at engagement from a dead stop after the engine was at normal operating temperature. I'd talked to some other V-ROD owners who said they had the problem also and one fix was the 28 tooth front sprocket.

Before going that route, I tried something else: I took the clutch lever off, cleaned up the roller at the hindge end of the handlever that presses against the plunger pin for the hydraulic valve. I then hosed it with Tri-Flow spray lube and reinstalled it.

On my next ride, I went up to San Francisco to watch the Blue Angels perform over the Bay. After the show, I rode through SF with stops at several steep inclines requiring the need to "ride the clutch" when the light changed to green.

Since then, the clutch has had nothing but smooth engagements with no sign of 'grabbyness' or 'chatter'. I cannot be sure which one of the two variables above corrected the problem or if it was a combination of both, however, if you're having this problem give the lube a try and "ride the clutch" several times at launch and perhaps it will solve your problem as it did mine.

Ps. I did change to Syn3 at the 1K service and the new Syn3 oil had no effect on the solving the problem.
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