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Have to respectfully disagree on a lot of that.

High EGTs typically = lean. I use EGT probes on some of my projects on a per cylinder basis as a way to find lean cylinders/injector issues/fuel rail design issues/issues during a 1/4 mile run etc.

Does red header = boom? Not necessarily, however I certainly would be logging O2 sensor data (WBO sensor if possible) when tuning/concerned about glowing headers (as the OP is). Too much data and technology on hand now a days to assume.

FYI, turbo blankets (or proper ceramic coating) are typically used to keep underhood temps manageable.
Hello - If you or any readers have these EGT probes in their V-Rods can you report the temps in each cylinder while cruising at 60-70 mph?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts