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Hi guys,
I just finished installing the gauges on my Road Rod. I spent a decent amount of time searching for how to do this on the forum and was only able to find bits and pieces of info here and there. I got a lot of great ideas, but I thought I’d post what I did all in one place just in case someone might be interested.

My first area of concern was trying to figure out what aftermarket gauges would fit into the Roadglide holes. I ended up using VDO Vision Series gauges 2-1/16” with spin lock mounts (no brackets). They fit GREAT. Really, only thing I had to do was sand down these little nubs on the back of the inner fairing so the spin locks would seat flush. Took about 5 minutes with a dremel and file. The gauges come with a green and red piece of rubber to put over the bulbs if you want to change their color. The red (really orange if you ask me) matches the color of the stock Harley audio system perfectly.

The water temp sender was no big deal. I used a 10 x 1mm sender. Now, the one I purchased has a standard ground…meaning that it has no ground wire and depends on the threads for a ground. Well, it didn’t ground. I don’t know if it’s because the water pipes are connected to rubber hoses or what, but I ended up soldering a ground wire to the base of the sender and attaching it to the negative terminal of the battery.

The oil senders were a challenge. I didn’t want to remove the stock sender on the Vrod that sits behind the front cylinder. It’s hard to get to and there really isn’t much room to mount senders near there anyway…although I know guys here have done it. What I used is something called a sandwich adapter that mounts between the oil filter and the filter mount. I purchased it from Glow Shift (part# GS-AF1) and it has 20 x 1.5mm threads…the same threads used on Vrod oil filters http://www.glowshiftdirect.com/oil-filter-sender-adapter-20mm-15-thread.aspx. The sandwich adapter has three holes for senders drilled and tapped to 1/8” NPT. Two of these holes just happen to work perfectly on either side of the engine mount as shown in the pictures. ($30.00)

Well, even though the sandwich adapter had 20 x 1.5 threads, it wasn’t going on very easily…and even if it would, there aren’t really enough threads on that stock adapter that is threaded into our vrods to catch the threads of the sandwich adapter. I took the stock filter adapter out and found that the threads are strange. They ARE 20 x 1.5, but they start small, get larger, and then get smaller again…weird…and they are NOT pipe threads. I guess you just never notice it because there’s so much play in oil filter threads…try to screw anything else on it and you’ll notice it.

After doing searches and putting two and two together, I found a guy that makes 20 x 1.5mm adapters for Suzuki’s…Vstroms, SV650’s, etc. so that Suzuki owners can use filters that are more readily available. His name is Gordon Bales http://balestech.com. His adapter fits like ours, but the threads are uniform and there are more of them…not so many though that they block any ports or anything. Oh, I should mention that the threads on the engine side of Bales’ adapter measure 3/4 x 16 which I thought was strange since everything else is metric. I assumed the engine side would be 19 x 1.5…but trust me…the 3/4 x 16 threads fit perfectly. ($15.00)

The only other obstacle that we all face is finding room to put those large oil pressure senders. I used a remote hose adapter that comes with one foot of hose.
The voltmeter is self explanatory and easy to hook up.

All parts from Don’s Sport Vehicle Sales

310-105 Water Temp
310-106 Oil Temp
332-103 Voltmeter
350-106 Oil Pressure

323-057 Oil Temp Sender
323-088 Water Temp Sender
360-086 Oil Pressure Sender

CON-016 Remote Hose Adapter

Not including wire and crimp connectors, I think I have less than $250 in the whole set up.

Hope this helps somebody,

Sorry the picture of the Oil Pressure Sender is so cruddy. I just got back from a New Year's Day ride...it poured down rain and our roads are loaded with ash from the snow. I plan to mount the sender a little different...like at least on the inner side of the CV mount so it's not such an eye sore...I just didn't have time yet.


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