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Range is extremely dependant on speed, riding style, and temperature. The best mileage I've seen was on a freeway run (steady 60 - 70 mph), in warm temperatures (~75 F); in flat terrain (Wisconsin). The gas light didn't come on till 93 miles, and I filled up at 110 miles with an 1/8 tank - less than 3 gallons went in. I'd estimate in ideal conditions you could probably squeeze out 130+ miles; but I wouldn't make a practice of it. I've also run the tank dry (stupid) with less than 110 on the clock - but that was after a few short runs in cold temperatures. Limiting your riding to freeway runs doesn't guarantee long range either. See Jan-Dirk's post about a speed run on the Autobahn. He only got 45 miles on a tankful - but then he was cruising at 135 mph...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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