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Has anyone seen a new FXDR 114 go head to head with a V?

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There's this guy,hasn't got the clamshell happening just yet but looks a contender.:D

I rode the first one the local dealer got. I wasn’t that impressed with the power although it ran good. I’d run it. I also rode a stage 4 Fat Boy. That ran really well, but the ride was like the old softails to me.
I’ve ridden all the new big twins and the Fat Bob would be my choice if I was in the market. It handle very well.
Head to head with a what?? about 16 seconds Pontiac:rofl2:

Got to see an FXDR up close and personal at the dealer today. It's twice as hideous up close compared to pics and at least 4k over priced.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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