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Fuel Recall

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Dropped off the bike tonight to get the recall done. Pick it up Saturday. Dealer had no issues with getting parts.
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I talked to my dealer this morning and they said they have 8 of them on back-order, with no shipping date indicated by HD.
Val, I'll get back to you tomorrow! I may have one I can spare.
My POS dealer said they did not have the parts, nor do they know when they will get them, nor do they know exactly what is being replaced but said "don't worry it's not a safety issue":rolleyes:
Mine said "we'll call you when we get that batch of them in"
3 weeks later I called (yesterday) and the new guy looked it up and the "batch" is a total of......... 1!!!! nice stuff guys:slap2:
I stopped by & showed my letter & made an appt 2 days ago & I took my '03 to drop off at the dealer today. Apparently, when I made an appt, I should have asked if they would have the parts! :eek: Stupid ME! The tech who works on V-Rods was there today & said to call back every week or so & see if the parts are in yet. He told me they have been back ordered ever since they got the first notice. :mad: Just great...
The dealers wreck department called me today and said that the parts arrived today. They are gonna do the install next week.

Originally the parts department told me it could be sometime in December before they got the parts.

And, I got my Race Tuner in also!!!!!!!!!
Yee haa, Mr_King. Hope the body parts work ok. I still have to work on the throttle twist a bit (but I get by). Still a bit sore (but I get by). On the bike, it doesn't seem to matter. And hey, just think, you missed all the summer heat.
Makes you think how many V Rods have been sold. With this long wait for the flange you'd think a lot...So much for the non believers.
30,000+ V-Rods and counting :) Not bad for a "flop" ;)

That means over 50 new V-Rods come out of the factory a day (assuming a 5 day work week) !!!!!
I have to say the only good thing about my old stealer, is that when they ordered a warranty part for my v-rod,it was there whenever the appoinment was set.
I went to the stealer the day I got the letter from HD.I set the appointment.And the part was there when I took it in for the recall,and various leaks they can't seem to fix.
Hopefully the new dealer will be better since they drag race their v-rod.
Mine was there 6wk. Told them about it but nooo, they had to try and "fix" it, did SE download, of course the problem did not go away. Did not have parts. Brought it home yesterday. Runs much better. Either it was robbing power almost from the start or the SE download is a very powerful thing to do.
Anyone else taken their bike in because they got the recall notice only to have the service reps say your bike is not one with the problem. It's ohhhh so confusing. I have an '03 S/B and I think it was born in Sept.
My dealer called today to tell me they were working on the fuel flange part.

Mine was loose, so good thing I am doing the Service Letter (recall) repair.
Rode thh bike to the dealer on Saturday. Has to order the part. Said that they will call when it is in. Said if it bad out, they would pick it up and deliver it back for free...

I will let you know if they hold out to their word...

I got mine back last Saturday. Bike runs a little smoother now I guess. I still need to ride some more but this weather is killin me!
called this mornin,parts are in and will be replaced tomorrow.tech said they just got 8 in stock.
hmmmm... stealer said they were back-ordered indefinetely.
interesting..... :bs:
Jeff! Jeff! You sweetheart!!

Literally, just as I was reading your e-mail this morning, my dealer called and said theirs finally came in today.

Thanks so much - maybe somebody else can use the spare you have, like Greg here.

Really appreciate the offer.

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