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mustangcav said:
My fuel gauge is all over the place too. I check the guage against my odometer because it will read near empty and still have nearly a gallon left. I went as far as 125 miles once and the needle had been on "E" for awhile before I gassed up and it took 3.3 gal. I guess 130m of varied driving (mostly on the DC beltway to and from work) is as far as I'd want to push it before I AM pushing it!
The fuel gauge problem is common. Sending unit is available separately. Unit with labor tallies about $175. I made a tool to unscrew cap,and abused the hell out of the service manager. He sold me the sending unit for $55. He claimes this is his cost. List is $100. Took 1.5 hrs to make tool and change sender. Not a big deal. Good luck
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