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Nicely said Max. As some know I purchased my 2003 on March 20th and had a continuous stalling problem(3 to 6 times daily). My selling dealer added gasoline after I complained and they said it was because of old gas. Did no good. Axed for an appointment for a further looksee. This was on March 25th or so. They told me earliest appointment was April 26th. Two weeks later on April 12th I went again to the selling dealer and requested/demanded that they check my ECM level(Bike came with dealer installed SE Exhaust). After some debate they agreed to do so. 45 minutes later after much butt scratching they decided that I had "02" level and I should have "02a"(I of course already knew that from this forum). They did not have cartridge and said they would order and would take 5 to 6 day.

I then took bike to San Jose HD(non selling dealer who worked me in) and they installed required "02a" and now I only have stalled perhaps 4 or 5 times in the past 10 days. I then took bike today to selling dealer(for the April 26th appointment) to have it further checked out for the remaining stalling and my reported vibration problems. I gave them a long list of things to check out from what I had learned on this forum and my purchased shop manual. I happen to ax them if they had my "02a" upgrade cartridge as I had not heard from them since ordering on April 12th. They said had not yet come in. I said no big deal as I had it installed at another dealer. They were surprised that I had not waited for the cartridge they had ordered for me(and still was not yet in stock).

Of course in all of this I had called HD Customer Service 3 or 4 times(A worthless soul named Shawn took my calls) to absolutely no help except to tell me to park my bike if I were worried about the danger of a engine stalling in California traffic.

Hopefully when I pick my bike up in the next few days, using the list of items to check out(coils, wire springs, fuel regulators, faulty sensor for MAP or CKP, vacuum leaks, throttle plates or cables, spark plugs,--- loose engine mounts or exhaust hitting frame, partial plugged fuel injectors, Engine counterbalancer out of time(vibration problems) and other assorted possbilities. I do not believe that they were to pleased with my list of items to check but probably somewhat curious where I had assembled such a list that something will be found that can be repaired to remedy my remaining complaints.

In spite of all of this, I love the bike and my Heritage has moved twice since March 20th(both times while the Vrod has been in the shop). I just wished that Walmart or Sears backed the warranty.

Silicon Valley, Ca
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