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P-4 said:
It died and won't restart
I wrote this in a previous thread!
I have around 1400 miles and have had nothing but fun until now. I did have a fuel flang problem at around 800 miles but that was fixed under warranty. My new problem is worse, I am out of my warranty and was too stupid to extend it> I was on the freeway offramp when the darn thing just lost power. No warning, it just shut off! It will turn over and it will fire for a split second but it will not start. I understand that there is a recall but I have not recieved a letter. Maybe the fuel flange is the problem and all will be ok....If not , what is this going to cost me? I have sent an E-mail to my local H-D service dept. with no reply. Oh and to top it all off, as I made my way to a safe place to stop, I dropped it in the lose dirt and gravel and bent the right lower frame.... Thank you for reading!

I replaced the Battery, the Frame piece, checked the plugs (look fine), Pulled the springs in the plug boot out and stretched them a little. Oh by the way the best way to get the spring out is to thread the long bolt from the coil into the spring and pull gently, it works great. I then started the beast and then it died again. I looked into the Fuel tank and there it was the infamous Fuel flange mist! Well at least it is a easy fix.
Thank you all for you're help !
TIM :thumb:
It's a recall should be free, where do you live?
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