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Hey 1130. So I went a little nuts picking up parts for my V over the summer/fall, and have a bunch of things I'll be listing in the next few days. (stock pegs, aftermarket rail style pegs, stock linkage, stock M/C's, stock levers, stock AW dogass, possibly a PCIII, stock cans, not-so-perfect SE cans, riding jacket, etc, etc, etc).

First up is a pair of sliders in good shape, no major scratches or dings, and not heavily oxidized at all. I bought these off ebay with the intention to chrome them, but decided to bite the bullet and buy chromes straight from HD, so these are going back up (and I'm taking a loss on them, but oh well).

I'll post a pic in the next few days if it's needed.

Sliders include stock chrome dust covers and axle cap with bolts.

Looking for $65+shipping. PayPal only.
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