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Putting up for sale these Performance Machine Wrath 2-piece rotors, 2 front 1 rear, still in fantastic shape. These 2-piece PM rotors (each $299 on the PM website!) are the exact same diameter and width as the stock rotors (as they fit right in with the stock calipers which were untouched), although the bolt pattern may be different as these rotors were on PM wheels. Check with PM to be certain. They are polished, so they can be buffed to look as good as new with some Flitz, etc. Includes the polished bolts, 15 total.

The wheels in the picture were PM Wrath wheels for a 2004 VRSCB in the exact same size as stock wheels, and the rotors fit right in the stock calipers.

$125 total for all 3, shipped to you. Can email [email protected]


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I was going to buy these, until I read the last sentence....this is copied from their websight :

Category: 13" Wrath Disc
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large image

PM Image Series Discs

OUTER BAND: All PM Discs use a stainless steel outer band. PM utilizes a high grade 420 stainless that will not gaul or squeal like lesser quality discs. The newest version PM outer bands can be removed and replaced once worn.

DISC CARRIER: All PM Image Discs use a machined aluminum carrier. 11.5" & 300mm discs are bolted to the outer band and 13" discs are attached via floating elements. The carrier is perfectly matched to its respective wheel and will have a bolt pattern specific to the front or rear.

All front discs are drilled for HD Bolt Patterns. 3 1/4 x 5 x 5/16 counterbored with 2.22 I.D.

Rear discs are drilled for HD Bolt Patterns. 3 1/4 x 5 x 3/8" counterbored with 2.500 I.D.

Discs will NOT work with stock mag wheels.
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