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Well, last night riding home I applied my front brakes and I pulled the lever all the way back with very little stopping... I started to pump the front lever to get the front brakes to stop me.(yes I used the rear too).:wazzup:

Today I followed skirods tech tip on the front brake.:notworth:


It only took me about 30 min. to do both sides.

My brakes are back. :D

My left side only had 2 pistons barley moving the other 2 would not move at all.

My right side only had 1 piston moving and the other 3 would not move at all.

For those of you that can pull your brake lever back over 1/2 way I recommend the cleaning of your pistons.

Thanks to this forum again... :dance:

ps sorry for not taking pics.

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I carried out Ski's fix at about 10,000 km, after experiencing the same problem - instant fix. But by the time I had my 16,000 km service done by the stealer, the front brake lever was again going nearly to the grip before actuating the brakes. Told the stealer what the solution was - but instead they bled the brakes (and charged me extra) which did appear to solve the issue for a bit, but about 1000 km later, same old problem. I will be applying the Ski-fix again this weekend.
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